Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day #8

Today I went with my mom to the gym. She did yoga and I peddled on the like bike machine. I must say that eventually I get really sore and tired. I try to think positively by thinking that it means I am toning my leg muscles. I read "It's Dark In Here" from Where the Sidewalk Ends. It's just a cute silly poem that talks about a boy writing a poem from inside a lions mouth. I don't think the poem has any hidden meaning.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day #7

Today, it was just Brittany and I. Catherine had work to do so she is going to be behind a day ): Brittany and I worked inside the gym today, even though it was beautiful outside. We biked on the elliptical 1 mile each. I could really feel the burn in my thighs. It was a good burn though (: It means I'm on the road to improvement (: I read "Invitation" from Where the Sidewalk Ends today and it was really just a cute poem. It talked about being a dreamer and I would fully say that I am a dreamer (:


Day #6

Today I walked along the beach and my oh my it was beautiful.  Such beauty and it makes me wonder how people say there is no God and that it all happened by chance. I was just able to think about my life while walking along the beach, I was able to reflect. I read Robert Frost’s poem called “Design” which was about a spider. It was so descriptive on the spider.

Day #5

So I went to Florida for Spring break! I’m really excited because that means I can exercise in swimming and walking along the beach (: I swam in the pool today which I must say is my favorite way of exercising because there is no sweating involved. I read another Robert Frost poem called “Fire and Ice.” This poem is basically talking about the end of the world. It really made me kind of sad.

Day #4

This week is job shadowing and so I had to work out by myself since I live out in Hendersonville away from everyone. I went to the YMCA and walked on the treadmill by myself and listened to the classical music station that was playing. I’m not really sure what the songs were called but it was very peaceful and I swayed to the music. I must say that classical music can move the soul in different ways, it can make people feel different emotions.

Day #3

Since I missed out one of our scheduled work out days with the rest of the gang due to my illness, they were kind enough to work out with me the next day. We walked the greenway again and this time we walked 3 miles! I have to say I was really impressed with how far we walked. Unfortunatly I did not wear the proper shoes and I received bloody spots on my feet where my shoes had rubbed. I read Robert Frost’s poem, Nothing Can stay Gold. It was interesting to me because it showed that things are ever changing and aren’t going to stay the same forever.

Day #2

Today we decided since it was so beautiful outside that we were going to walk the greenway, since there is an entrance behind Catherine’s mom’s apartment complex. We walked a mile and it was interesting to see all the sights that we saw. It was refreshing after a day of school to just be outside. We continued to read random poems out of Where the Sidewalk Ends.

Day # 1

We worked out today at Catherine’s mom’s apartment complex gym. It was interesting to start. I ran on the treadmill for 20 minutes and then worked on the elliptical. The elliptical is the machine that I’m going to work on the most. I felt the most resistance of my muscles from it. It will tone up my legs and thighs, which is what I want to do. I’m really going to be sore tomorrow. We started to read random poems in the novel, Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein. We actually read the peom in the book called “Where the Sidewalk Ends” I really loves his poems because they are light hearted and really bring out the child like mentality in me.